Change Logs

Version 1.4



(Short for passerine.db.manager.ManagerFactory)

  • The alias-to-endpoint-URL map can be passed to the constructor to simplify the usage.
  • Shorten the name of each parameters of the constructor.
from passerine.db.manager import ManagerFactory

mf = ManagerFactory(urls = {'default': 'mongodb://localhost/sample'})

mf.get('default') # -> a Manager object


  • The default parameter of the constructor of an Entity class is now respected.

House Cleaning

  • Made Python 3 (<3.4) the primary target.
  • Cleaned up the test folder.
  • Simplified the test running procedure.

Version 1.1

  • (Support Riak 2.0)

Version 1.0

  • A fork of Tori ORM (from Tori 3.0) with lots of little improvements.